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We design, develop and manage bespoke database applications. Databases tailored to client’s actual requirements can improve efficiency and effectiveness of an organisation and provide the tools you need to get on with business.

Working closely with you at every stage from initial assessment through evolution of the system to final delivery, installation and training, we will ensure that you get the system you need. Our applications are designed to be intuitive and easy to use with well laid out screens, and may be operated as stand-alone or multi-user, networked systems.


Procurement Database
Howgill Family Centre - Whitehaven - Cumbria

Howgill Family Centre works to build healthier, safer communities, where children, young people and families are valued, respected and encouraged to achieve their potential.

In order to improve efficiency of the Centre’s services Brooks Gamble Ltd were employed to develop a user-friendly database to manage procurement by the control of Purchase Orders and recording of purchasing activity. The system was required to be suitable for use by staff with minimum IT skills, both in the office and on-site, and reduce the burden and errors associated with the existing paper records system. The budget for the whole project was small.

We developed an application using MS Access which met the brief presented by the Centre and provided support and further development during the initial years that the system was in operation.


Manufacturing Process Integrated Production and Order System
Slacks Millom Ltd - Borwick Rails - Millom - Cumbria

Slacks Millom manufacture synthetic bristles for use in a wide variety of industrial brushes servicing markets throughout Europe from the works in West Cumbria.

The company required a bespoke system which could monitor and store data throughout the entire cycle of production from entry of raw material to exit through the factory door as finished products. The level of IT experience within the company was limited but the management were keen to be involved in all stages of development.

Through close liaison with the company, we were able to design a cost effective application using MS Access that fulfilled their needs at the time and allowed subsequent expansion of the system as new processes and procedures have been introduced into the works.


Stock Control and Order Processing System
Bunzl Textile Products Limited - Dewsbury - West Yorkshire

Bunzl Textiles Products Limited produce recycled textile products used as the raw material for a number of industrial and commercial processes. They are the UK’s top exporter of these materials.

The company needed a system which could hold data on stock and orders, match orders with stock and use this information to feedback into the manufacturing process to ensure order fulfilment. In addition the system was required to automate the invoicing of orders. The overall aim of the system was to improve efficiency in management of the manufacturing side of the business and reduce paperwork and errors from the supply side.

Brooks Gamble Ltd were able to provide a MS Access application solution which fitted into the company’s existing IT portfolio. During development we were able to include programs which added value to the data stored by identifying new areas where the data could be used to streamline existing management systems.



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